Scorpion TJ12 Scissor Lift Regular Price : $3,995.00
Special Price : $2,995.00
Scorpion TJ12 Scissor Lift

Make the Scoripon part of your shop equipment to eliminate the need for cumbersome, time-consuming vehicle stands while lifting safely and efficiently. The Scorpion TJ-12 utilizes four special caster assemblies that are spring loaded to offer a smooth and effortless ride even over the roughest terrain.  This makes the lift very mobile as it easily moves across shop floors, grates and drains, and concrete or asphalt driveways.

The TJ12 features dual hydraulic cylinders that work in tandem to achieve  24,000 lbs or 12 tons of lifting power.  This immense power is controlled via the control handle/ pump assembly.  The pneumatic controlled safety lock offers complete safety under all lifting conditions.  By eliminating more cumbersome and time-intensive vehicle stands, your shop will be more efficient and productive.

The Scorpion's two-contact lifting system makes it the safest jack available today. Combine this with its built-in safety lock and no other service jack even comes close. The low 8" profile allows the Scorpion to go under the lowest of obstacles.  The extended 11" lift height is more than adequate to get the job done, especially with three extra sizes of lift adapters. The two-contact lifting system and a built-in safety lock provide the Scorpion TJ12 the ultimate in performance and safety.


Scorpion TJ12 Scissor Lift Scorpion TJ12 Scissor Lift Scorpion TJ12 Scissor Lift

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