Direct-fit collets, adjustable flange plate kit - 20-2154-1 Call for pricing!
Direct-fit collets, adjustable flange plate kit - 20-2154-1

Fits the majority of passenger-car and light-truck wheels including 1-toncapacity. Superior centering and fitment coverage on virtually all OEM and aftermarket applications. Consists of 20 direct-fit collets in specialized low-taper, short-depth design. Each collet has two sides for 40 size choices. Includes collet selection gauge, light-truck/performance wheel spacer ring, adjustable flange plate kit and storage trolley. Range: 2.10 in.-5.33 in.


Kit includes:

A. 20-1846-1 Direct-Fit Collet Kit: 3/4-Ton and Import

B. 20-1845-1 Direct-Fit Collet Kit: Passenger Car and Light Truck

C. 46-433-2 Performance Wheel & Light Truck Spacer

D. 175-392-1 6" Clamping Cup

E. 106-157-2 Protector Sleeve

F.  20-1839-1 Adjustable Flange Plate and Stud Kit

G. 56-47-3 Storage Trolley (Not Shown)


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